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27 August 2011 @ 06:51 pm
Just a reminder that this community is Members Only (and has been as of August 27, 2011). I've had icons stolen, and members of Fanpop have gone against my rules in the past, and probably still do now, so until notice, I'm keeping this community Members Only.

However, there are still stipulations: If you do not keep your journal updated, have nothing on your journal (new or not), or do not credit your userpics, I will not accept you.


~ Comments are accepted, not required, but credit is a MUST! Please credit: etherealnetwork .
~ Don't alter the icons in any way.
~ Please do NOT re-post my artwork to ANY website or community on Live Journal.
~ No hotlinking, please!
~ Any further questions, please ask in a comment.
~ Please do not post these on sites such as FanPop!!
~ Screencaps credited to: http://screencapped.net and http://kissthemgoodbye.net

Edited: 09/06/15
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Made for Challenge #11 @ theiconthrone .

*We had to choose from several caps other members left in a warm up entry, and these were the 12 I chose to make icons of.


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Made for Challenge #1 @ theiconthrone .

So aside from using the pretty planets themselves, I also used the Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon, and a couple of random planet art or food. :)


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