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etherealnetwork's Journal

Ethereal Network
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| ♔ Ethereal Network 001|

Hello all and welcome to Ethereal Network, the graphics journal of tardis_mafia, where you'll find just a small amount of fandoms such as Sleepy Hollow, Nikola Tesla of Sanctuary, Charmed, Murdoch Mysteries, Teen Wolf (primarily Derek, Stiles, Peter, and Jordan), Once Upon A Time, Alvin Klein of The Listener, Doctor Who (the Ten/Martha Years), The Avengers/Marvel, Pirates of the Caribbean, and a bit more.

Feel free to look around for anything you might like, but please do NOT re-post my artwork to ANY website or community on Live Journal. Also, please do NOT hotlink any of my artwork or distribute them to other websites like Fanpop or Tumblr.

Due to users STEALING my artwork and posting them to Fanpop as their own work, this community is now MEMBERS ONLY until further notice.

If you do not keep your journal updated, have nothing on your journal, or do not credit your userpics I will not accept you.

Layout credit: wrongpill / rachaelwsz
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